NRHA announces election results

The National Rural Health Association’s Board of Trustees are selected to ensure the organization remains true to its mission of improving health care for 62 million rural Americans.

NRHA members selected long-time member Ray Christensen, MD, as president-elect. He will assume the duties of NRHA president in 2014, and Sandra Durick will serve as president in 2013.

Becky Conditt will serve as NRHA’s board treasurer for 2013.

We are proud to announce the following individuals were elected by their peers to serve in leadership roles:


Ray Christensen


Becky Conditt

Constituency Group chairs


Dave Schmitz

Community Operated Practices

Scot Graff

Diverse Underserved Populations

Annie Barnes


Susan Wilger

Multicultural and Multiracial Health Council

Eron Manusov

Rural Health Clinics

Gail Nickerson

State Association Council

Beth O’Connor

State Office Council

John Barnas

Rural Health Congress representatives

Clinical (2 openings)

Norma Bowyer

Kerry Stout

Hospitals and Health Systems (14 openings)

Darrold Bertsch

Patrick Branco

Dennis Coffey

John Everett

Gail Finley

Roger Masse

Leah Osbahr

Tim Putnam

Marti Ross

Eric Shell

Kathleen Spencer

Kevin Wellen

Ryan White

Gerald Worrick

Multicultural and Multiracial Health Council (1 opening)

Sandra Pope

Research and Education (3 openings)

Kevin Bennett

Amy Martin

April Vestal

Rural Health Clinics (3 openings)

Richard Garza

Deborah Holzmark

Joanie Perkins

Statewide Health Resources (3 openings)

Charlie Alfero

Jerry Coopey

Randy Jacobs

Students (3 openings)

Denise Adame

Tim Fry

Sydney Reuben

State Association Council (2 openings)

Matt Caseman

Susan Veale

State Office Council (1 opening)

Lawrence Baronner

Thank you to all who ran and who voted.