Help eliminate health disparities, improve access with NRHA

The National Rural Health Association is gearing up for its final conference of the year, the Rural Multiracial and Multicultural Health Conference set to take place Dec. 4-6 in scenic Asheville, N.C.

The purpose of this conference, the only one of its kind in the nation, is to eliminate health disparities and improve access to quality health care services for rural multiracial and multicultural populations through educational and networking opportunities.

“This conference is one of those rare opportunities where you can learn firsthand how community-based organizations creatively utilize what little resources they sometimes have to address rural health disparities in times and conditions that may otherwise seem nearly impossible,” says NRHA’s Amy Elizondo. “It is the chance to be inspired and meet with various multiracial and multicultural health champions. The art of rising to the challenge and innovative strategies are showcased in this meeting of the diverse.”

For the first time this year, the Rosemary McKenzie Legacy Award will be bestowed on a community leader who does not rest until multiracial and multicultural health needs are addressed, just like Rosemary did during her 27 years as an NRHA staff member.

“Come see the sites, network with some of the most inspiring folks you will ever meet, and join us in our effort to eliminate health disparities in rural America,” Elizondo says.

Click here to register now. Hotel discounts expire today.

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